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air conditioning system,washing machin, refrigretor,micro oven,micro wave...etc electronics product repair.

service contract Terms & Conditions

1. Contract will be applicable for 1 year
2. The contract will be served by the month
3. After the contract, the payment will be 70%
4. There will be no service charge in every month contract, but the petrol charge will be 350 and Additional costs will be different
5. There is no warranty or guarantee for a plastic spare
6. An electronic spare will have a 10-day warranty
7. The new compressor will come in the problem of compressor 1 year warranty and gas charge and repairs charge and transport charge will be different.
8. You need to book a compilation by going to the sj services website so that you do not have any problem with the compilation and warranty or guarantee.
9. The contract will expire from date to date ie for the 1st 1/1/2019 to 1/12/2019 contract will be completed
10. Spare charge and service charge in contract will be different and service charge will be applicable in contract for 3 months and petrol charge will be applicable for 1 month.
11. Check Engineer ID Mandatory Verification by calling the Office of the Authority Services Office
12. Visitation charge compulsory must be provided
13. check / case Money should be paid
14. Writing the Complain, Waiting for 12 to 72 Hours Waiting [12 Hours in the City and 72 Hours in Oopsight Will Be Visited]
15. Visage Charges and Spare Parts Chargers will be different and the bill will be poor, Visitor charges will be charged up to 18% and spare parts will be charged up to 28%.
16. Spare part is to give half the cash and not to confront them with tension
17. Talk to the DirectServices Care Center at no cost to the engineer for any problem or conflicts.
18. Check the blank product product to be done.
19. It is necessary to show the bill in the repairs work
20. There will be no warranty in plastic pastes
21. If the engineer does not have to work, the visitor will have to pay the charge and also to pay the visit to take the estimate.
22. Email for any problem: Sjservice110@gmail.com and call: 7307979730,9099919615

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