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air conditioning system,washing machin, refrigretor,micro oven,micro wave...etc electronics product repair.


home air-condition AMC plans:-

AMC plans are annual maintenance contract which is very benificial for your electronic goods like Air conditioner..


Benifits of AMC:-

1.Money and time saving.

2.Ready to use your electronics any time after service.

3.Time to time check up and servicing before use and after use.

4.Any time emergency service for your elecronic goods.

5.24/7 emergency service in AMC contract ( repair extra charges ).


1.Air conditioner AMC
2.windo ac amc


* Simply AMC for Air conditioner:-

* only service not sper inqlude for Air conditioner amc:-

Simply AMC for Air conditioner:- 

1.Air conditioner amc is very benificial for regular users.
2.We are provide a best and regular amc for airconditioner.
3.24/7 emergency service. one service before use and one sevice after use. { ONLY CITY 24/7 SERVICE AND OUT CITY 3 DAY IN SERVICE }
4.Regular check by our experts.
5.Repairing and maintenance on one call for any time in contract (sper parts charges extra pay and lebour chargies extra ) .
6.Reasonable charges on spare.



SERVICE PLAN WARRNATY YEAR VISIT SERVICING PRICE GST AMOUNT extra visitcharges ac set free work only petrol charge 350 total amt
Regular 4 Month 1 4 Month 3 Blowerservice 1450/-rs 0% 1450/-rs 550/-rs 10 to 100 ac no 1450/-rs
Regular 3 Month 1 3 month 4 Blowerservice 1880/-rs 0% 1880/-rs 450/-rs 10 to 100 ac water likege 1880/-rs
Regular 2 Month 1 2 month 6 Blowerservice 2400/-rs 0% 2400/-rs 0/-rs 10 to 100 ac water/vibretion 2400/-rs
every month 1 1 month 12 Blowerservice 4800/-rs 0% 4800/-rs 0/-rs 10 to 100 ac water/vibretion/error 4800/-rs
WINDO AIR-CONDITION 1 4 month 3 Blowerservice 1250/-rs 0% 1250/-rs 550/-rs 10 to 100 ac no 1250/-rs
CAMICALE SERVICE AIR-CONDITION NO WARRANTY 1 year 1 service 1150/-rs 0% 1150/-rs 550/-rs 10 to 100 ac no 1450/-rs

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