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Take care you are well. For your business and your customer, please contact us for product sales and repair

Grow Business

Customer is very important, customer will be followed by customer. Taking good customer care is very important and we will help you with it.

Great Support

Book 24*7 day service on the website and get calling support from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm and we will help you with it.


If the customer gets good service then there will be marketing and chargeable marketing from us and we will help you with it.


From our side, we will make your customers trust your company with good service and we will try to provide service as soon as possible so that the product sells more.

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Why Choose Us?

The services offered by us are as follows.

  • Any Districts Engineer is available

  • A service booking portal is available, WWW.SJSERVICES.IN(in under prosses)

  • Customer care number +91 7307979730

  • Sales with service available in Gujarat

What We Provide

Financial Services

bill cycle 1 month

Expert Advisers

good service wih support

24/7 Customer Support

24*7 service booking and 09:00 am to 06:00 pm open call center

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Service is available in Mehsana

Reco Home Appliances

pixel stabilizer

Rajsthan Brand

diaSun led

wisdom innovations product

Bush led

wisdom innovations product